It's A Whole New World

& for me a new blog set up, said bye to maybe 5 or 6 years of Squarespace membership to explore new territory. Made up my mind thought Blogger was it, since it was free but then had a last minute change of heart. Ended up here are Wix headquarters, so far, I'm impressed! Forgot how flexible, ease of use and inexpensive this place can be.

With that being said, aside from new digital worlds the real world is not too far away with it's own concept of "a new world" as it and I continue to #StayHome and quarantine.

Starting with my first video on my new SHE Talks Series: GET TO KNOW ME | SHE IS ILLY

This one has been a while coming, i asked a few days ago to submit some questions and finally got it together to deliver;)


Even more, i've basically been taking this time to reflect, polish, revamp, rethink and reorder everything that i'm constantly pushing back for "another day" - today is the day!

Two months in and i've been able to fill in the gap with a few pieces with a continuous effort to push through as i challenge pretty much everything.

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